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Posted by Keith Hirst on 10 May 2022

What is the history of chiropractic?

Chiropractic care has been used to treat a wide range of conditions for over a century. By using their hands, a chiropractor can relieve problems with the bones, muscles and joints, helping to reduce pain and improve mobility. However, you may be wondering “What is the history of chiropractic?”. Read on to find out more about the origins of chiropractic.  When did chiropractic begin?  When considering “What is the history...

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 28 November 2017

Welcome Article

The team here at Thorne Road Chiropractic Clinic would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news and advice from our company, as well as the wider industry. Check back here regularly to have a read through the latest posts we’ve been sharing - in the meantime, have a browse through our website to find out more...

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