• Can I see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

    Yes – in fact, we have found that certain conditions respond better to chiropractic care during pregnancy! We think this is due to the ligaments being more pliable and able to stretch more.

    There are no issues associated with having treatment during pregnancy; the treatment programme will be tailor-made to any individual attending our clinic, and as you progress through the stages of pregnancy we will adopt the treatment technique to suit your needs at these stages.

  • Do I need to see my GP first or be referred?

    No! You can book in directly with us. If you intend to claim your treatment fees back via a healthcare provider scheme (BUPA & AXA PPP) you may need a referral letter from your GP.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Each case is assessed individually. We would normally be able to advise you more specifically about your treatment needs at the end of the first consultation.

    All of our patients will typically require a course of 4-6 corrections – in some instances, this number may be less or sometimes more. It is not necessarily the case that “the longer you have had it, the longer it will take to correct”, and equally an individual of age may recover quicker than a younger individual!

  • Will I need x-rays or a scan?

    No, not as a rule. If we identify a need to request further investigations, we would contact your GP. If, however, you wish to go private, we have access to both X-rays, MRI and CT scanning facilities locally and at very competitive prices.

  • Can you get hold of my medical notes?

    Yes, we can request all your medical records, with your signed consent, including hospital records, scans and X-rays.

  • Do you treat sciatica?

    Yes, trapped nerves are successfully treated by chiropractors on a daily basis.

  • Do you treat headaches/migraines?

    Yes, chiropractic is a very effective treatment for headaches. We often find the neck section and general posture is at fault. Simply correcting those areas and advising our patients on how to achieve good posture solves most cases.

  • Is it suitable for children/babies?

    Yes, chiropractic is a safe and frequently used treatment method in the younger population! Like for all our attending patients, the treatment technique is fully tailored to the individuals’ needs and age.

    In the case of treating babies, toddlers and younger children, the adjustment technique is low-force applied with other manual therapy techniques.

  • Is there on-site parking?

    Yes, our car park is situated to the rear of our premises. When approaching the clinic from Thorne Road, turn off at Christchurch Road, and immediately right through the large green gates – you’ll see our car park to your right.

  • What are your opening hours?
    • Monday 9:00am-8:15pm
    • Tuesday 8:00am-7:00pm
    • Wednesday 8:00am-6:00pm
    • Thursday 9:00am-8:15pm
    • Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
    • Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm (please check with reception)
  • What’s the length of the appointments?

    The first consultation last 30-45mins and usually includes your first treatment. Treatment thereafter usually lasts 15mins.

  • Should I wear/bring anything specific for the appointments?

    No, just turn up as you are. We have changing cubicles and gowns available should it be required to carry out your treatment.

  • Can I claim my treatment fees back?

    Yes, we are registered with all the major insurance companies, so if you are in a private healthcare scheme you should be able to claim some or all of the fees back.

    We strongly advise, however, that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your specific scheme, but also contact your insurance provider before proceeding with care.

  • Are chiropractors registered with BUPA & AXA PPP?

    Yes, Peter Oxenvad is registered with both BUPA & AXA PPP.

  • Are all the chiropractors at your clinic fully qualified?

    Yes, all our chiropractors are fully trained and qualified, and have obtained their degree in chiropractic from an approved university. Furthermore, all our chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, and have full insurance cover in place meaning they are licensed to practice.

  • What does a chiropractor do?

    Chiropractors are trained to detect and to correct joint dysfunction as they present in the spine or extremities.

    A chiropractor uses both joint manipulation and soft tissue treatments to correct dysfunction.

    It is often misunderstood that a chiropractor will ONLY deal with joint problems – a chiropractor will deal with ALL elements including muscles ligaments, scar tissue and nerves as it may apply to your condition.

    Following the course of corrections, a chiropractor will usually give you self-help exercises, advice on posture/lifting and handling, and advise you on a suitable exercise regime, all with the aim to support the corrections in place.

  • Can I attend a check-up once my course of treatment has finished?

    Yes, in fact many of our patients recognise their lifestyle caused or contributed to their condition, and whilst the self-help regime may be effective in maintaining the corrections the chiropractor carried out, we usually advise periodic quarterly chiropractic check-ups to avoid symptoms reappearing!

  • Will I be treated at my first appointment?

    Yes, we aim to treat you on the first appointment unless we require further information about your case.