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Golf Chiropractic Treatments in Doncaster
Dr R. V-L , Sheffield

As a GP and patient, I value immensely the care that Thorne Road provides. After twenty years of upper back pain, I was out of pain and mobile after two sessions with Peter Oxenvad. He advised a three monthly ‘MOT’ and I have no trouble now.

After a fall I had quite severe lower back pain and I struggled with it for six months, but Peter put it right in just a few sessions. As a GP, I have recommended quite a few of my patients to him and they all come back singing his praises. Even my suspicious brother was cured of his long standing neck and shoulder problem in two sessions. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Rosemary Soave


Just go and see them! Fab clinic, excellent service; can’t fault them. Happy patient!

Paul W, Management Accountant

I had advanced lumbar spine degeneration, so embarked upon chiropractic treatment. I experienced a significant improvement in my condition within three months. The practitioners have been courteous and have tailored treatment to my needs. Most importantly, I have learned, with faith in the treatment, to take small steps forward and not to expect miracle cures. Such patience is paying off. With the support of the clinic, I now manage my back condition rather than let it manage me.

Mike O , Director, Doncaster

I have attended Mr Oxenvad’s clinic over a few years, initially due to a stubborn stiff shoulder which was cured within a couple of months. Since then I have received supportive care and it has significantly improved my general mobility. As a clinic they are not only a professional team, but customer service comes as standard! Thank you Peter!

Sue Withers

Bob A , Chartered Engineer, Doncaster

I have had treatment at Thorne Road Chiropractic Clinic from time to time for over 15 years. My problem is that I love sport, and periodic visits to the Clinic prolonged a rugby career into my 50s, and now at 56 I’m still managing 4 or 5 skiing holidays per year!

My long standing medical condition has been neck and lower disc injuries. Early interventions at the Clinic have remedied quite acute conditions, and allowed a quick recovery to continue my sporting activities. On my part I endeavour to keep fit, get to a gym twice a week, and many of the exercises I have been given through the Clinic have assisted in keeping me flexible and active.

This summer I climbed Kilimanjaro. This was a 6 day expedition and at nearly 6000 metres, it’s the highest mountain in Africa. Thank you Thorne Road for helping me achieve one of my lifetime goals.

Arnold J , retired, Bessacar

Thank you, Peter, for giving me the opportunity to rate your care and clinic services. I have attended now for four months following my knee replacement, and I must say that I am 100% satisfied with your service, and delighted with my new found mobility! Once again, thank you so much!

Kevin McK, Balby, Doncaster

Having fallen many feet from a scaffold and breaking my pelvis in several places, my GP and consultant had given up the hope that I would ever walk properly and without pain again. With strong determination I managed to walk for smaller distances, but with severe pain.

I visited with quite some scepticism the Thorne Road Chiropractic Clinic for advice, and Mr Oxenvad cautiously offered suggestions that my current problem was a sequel of my old injuries rather than the injury itself, and suggested that it should improve with treatment.

I cannot say how delighted I am to have followed his advice – I am back on my feet walking without pain for several hundred yards and mostly free of pain when sitting. I receive monthly supportive care and it is worth every penny. Treatment is not a cost but an investment! Everyone can benefit from Peter’s expertise. It’s just short of a miracle! Thank you for all your help – to all the team.

From a very happy patient

A fall caused chronic headaches. My GP couldn’t help me beyond giving me painkillers, and physio exercises only helped short term. My daughter suggested chiropractic treatment and I can now say that I’m back on track!

Susan Ashurst

Mr Derek L, Doncaster

Having had a longstanding back and neck problem, I have had several experiences with similar services in the past – but this would be by far my experience ever. I was not promised a cure but the wellness packet Peter suggested, including pilates and self-help exercises, has allowed me to live what I would term a near normal existence.

Andrew/Sally, Armthorpe

Brilliant team, reliable service, friendly atmosphere, easy parking… and, last but not least, we are now rid of our pains – cheers guys!

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