How to Relieve Pain Using a Foam Roller

Foam rolling has shown promising results for alleviating muscle pain and improving range of motion. You too can reduce muscle pain from your own home with nothing but a foam roller. In this article, we’re going to explain what foam rolling is, what its benefits are and how to safely perform exercises to improve muscle […]

What Issues Can Chiropractic Treatment Relieve?

what can chiropractic treat

If you’re not familiar with the holistic philosophy of chiropractic care, you might think that the scope of its restorative potential is limited to the purely musculoskeletal. In fact, chiropractic philosophy posits that everything from stress to headaches can be relieved through careful spinal manipulation. Here are some of the key ailments that a chiropractor […]

Is it Safe to Crack Your Neck?

is cracking your neck safe

If you have ever had a stiff or tight neck, then you are probably well aware of just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. While some people attempt self-massage and others simply put up with it, it’s not uncommon to find people who try and click and crack their neck themselves. Whether by controlling […]

How and When to Use Heat or Cold Therapy

When to use hot and cold press

If you’ve had a sporting injury before, or a work-related ache, the chances are that you’ve been told to apply ice or heat therapy for pain relief. While both of these methods are used to achieve the same goal, this doesn’t mean they should be used interchangeably; both forms have their own benefits and should […]